Rae Cooper | Workforce

Through her research into the music industry and the union movement Rae Cooper has exposed masculine structures everywhere, leading to better outcomes and positive change for women.

The current discourse about flexibility, leadership and women in STEM courses means nothing unless people act on it, and Rae ensures words are converted to action.

Through her research and public commentary, Rae has given voice to the problems of flexibility in workplaces, showing that women can be disadvantaged by flexibility unless they have autonomy over their work and supportive, often feminist, managers. She is regularly called as an ‘Expert Witness’ in cases and consultations relating to women and labour market issues.

At Sydney University’s Business School, Rae is a role model for younger researchers, and for PhD, undergraduate and masters students. She lives by her feminist principles and, by seeing these put into action, a new generation of feminists is being educated.

Associate Professor Rae Cooper (PhD)

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