Rizina Yadav | For Making a Feminist Difference in Leadership

Rizina Yadav, alongside Malaika Mfula, cofounded  ‘Her Future Her Decade’ a social impact organisation that aims to support and empower young women during the critical decade of 18 to 28 years old when young women make decisions that alter their career advancement, economic security, and happiness.

Among research conducted by Rizin and Malaika was a review of 375 conferences and events focused on women’s empowerment. They found that no young women were consulted in the creation of conference agendas, questions for the speakers, or any other aspects of the events. This pattern was salient elsewhere – in forums, book tours, government events, and even articles targeted at young women.

‘HerFutureHerDecade’ will intensify its feminist impact in the future through use of data collection from its National Listening Tour and Survey which will culminate in the Young Women of Australia Policy Submission.

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