Rosell Flatley | For Making a Feminist Difference in the Arts

Rosell Flatley is a founder of New Moon Collective 2018, a community art and engagement collective program at Thirning Villa, Ashfield. This is a welcoming space for local people and refugees to find new friendship and collaborative activities. Rosell is a mentor to artists living with intellectual disability, where relationships are as important as the artworks themselves.

Rosell is aware that 6 out of 10 of the world’s poorest are women and mostly non-English speaking. She is concerned about the lack of recognition of immigrant women’s lives as they work often on poverty wages.

Rosell demonstrates through her own activism as an immigrant, the importance of pride in heritage identity and ensures women and audiences are valued for their contribution. As a contemporary migrant activist she has different battles to fight, and by doing this in her own way, she has subtly broken barriers and enriched the lives of many.

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