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Saba Vasefi is an Iranian-Australian feminist filmmaker, poet and human rights activist who arrived in Australia in 2010 as a political refugee fleeing persecution in Iran, where she campaigned for social justice and women’s rights.

She was paralysed as a result of domestic violence in 2013, and transferred the experience of violence and defeat into founding Women Scream, the inaugural Sydney International Women’s Poetry and Arts Festival in 2014, which focused on the prevalence of violence against women and aimed to unite and empower women across the world.

Saba has made two flms investigating women’s plight and has instigated a panel discussion on misogyny and politics at the NSW Parliament House. She has provided a mechanism for refugees to be heard, and focuses on single mothers detained at Villawood Detention Centre.

Saba is an unstoppable Middle Eastern feminist who provides a voice for women who are not otherwise heard.

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