Sally McManus | Grand Stirrer

Sally’s work with ASU members in planning, implementing and winning the 2012 Equal Pay case improved the wages of tens of thousands of women across Australia, and set a precedent for improving wages in other women-dominated industries.

Her key involvement with Destroy the Joint where she applied the principles of what she called Organising 101 showed us how organising via social media could quickly bring many diverse women together to successfully fight sexism at all levels of society.

Sally’s leadership role in the union movement makes the movement more cognisant of the needs of women workers and breaks stereotypes, of the movement, and of women.

Now a Vice President of the ACTU, Sally continues her Grand Stirring career into the national arena.

Through her actions Sally McManus has been a beacon for other women: she has shown that we can aim for the sky take on the big fights and that we can win and have fun doing it!

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