Simone White | Community Activism

Simone is a remarkable and committed feminist activist who has devoted her personal and professional life to advocacy on behalf of some of Australia’s most vulnerable women, those who live with sexual and family violence. She is a specialist counsellor at the Rape and Domestic Violence Service Australia, and leads the campaign to save the phone counselling service from Federal Government defunding.

Simone coordinates the Partnerships Outreach Education Model, a national transition education and support program for young women who have experienced sexual and family violence. She is a social worker in the fields of family violence, financial trauma and suicide prevention, and volunteers to help women refugees in detention and community settings.

As the public face of the No Profit from Rape campaign, Simone speaks out fearlessly. Called by opponents a “dangerous and disgusting woman”, Simone is unapologetically feminist, a champion for women and children affected by sexual and family violence.

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