The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe | Arts

The four women of the The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe, three of whom are African refugees, have revealed their personal stories of abuse and trauma which, under the nurturing guidance of theatre director Ros Horin, have been transformed into an extraordinary theatrical experience, and then an outstanding documentary film.

The courage and generosity of these women calls out the evil of sexual abuse as a violation of human rights. Their hope is that other women – particularly in communities where sexual violence has become ‘normalised’ by cultural traditions, or in post-conflict societies – will have the courage and opportunity to tell their own stories of abuse and violence, and begin their own journey of recovery, showing how shame can be transformed into empowerment.

The film “leaps from the specific to the general, illuminating deeper truths,“ and is an inspirational story of resilience, revealing the transformative power of story-telling through the arts.

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