Yvette Kinkade | For Making a Feminist Difference in Community Activism

Yvette Kinkade has created an incredibly successful community that celebrates women’s participation in motorsport – The Women’s PACE Project and Track Day Club are platforms to connect and empower more women to become involved in motorsport as both participants, volunteers, and supporters.

Yvette took her own negative experiences in this male-dominated field and turned them into power-packed positives, rising through the ranks of grassroots motorsports to become the only woman operator of Track Days in Australia and a passionate advocate for women in motorsport.

Yvette continues to inspire women of all ages and abilities from as young as 16 right through to 75 and looks forward to many more women donning a helmet and embarking on their track-day journey, creating a new sport or hobby for themselves fuelled with the ongoing support of a village behind them.

She is absolutely confident that together, we accelerate equality.

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